Bikini ERA Women's Swimsuit Cover Up Dress
beach dress  for  women's swimsuit cover up dress
swimsuit cover up dress
beach dress  for  women's swimsuit cover up dress

Gili Cover-Up Dress

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The Gili cover-up dress is the perfect companion to go with your bathing suit. Fit for all sizes, it delivers the very best kind of look and feel you would want to have along with your bathing suit. It covers all the precious parts of your skin and still gives you enough space to flaunt off your bikini. The partial cover on your skin allows it direct sunlight exposure without overexposing it. Here are the best bits of this bikini coverup for women:

 Universal Size

This cover up dress for women is universally wearable. Which means you can wear it irrespective of your size. So, whether you are wearing a two-piece or a one-piece at the beach, you can expect it to cover up all the important parts of your skin easily.

Ample Length

Among swimsuit coverups for women, this one has the perfect length for all sizes. The front length is 108cm/42.5inch while the back length is 118cm/46.5inch and this provides ample cover to both sides of your body.

 A Comfortable Fabric

Bikini coverups for women can sometimes be rough on your skin. However, this one is made up of nylon, polyester, rayon and cotton which means it is perfectly comfortable and easy to wear.

Perfectly Priced

Aside from all the qualities above, this product is priced at the perfect level. It comes in at just a few bucks under the average price of bikinis in the market. So, you can make a purchase for your perfect beach getaway at just about a 100 bucks. Now, that’s a great deal for every gal!

Product Features:                    


*Front length 108cm/42.5inch

*Back Length 118cm/46.5inch

 Reference:  Fits true to size, take your normal size. One Size fits the most (XS - L)

beach dress  for  women's swimsuit cover up dress
swimsuit cover up dress