Black one piece
Black one piece swimsuit
black swimsuit
Black one piece swimsuit

Corsica One-Piece Bathing Suit

Regular price $ 60 USD

If classic and modern beachwear had a love child, the Corsica one-piece bathing suit would be the answer. This product has been made using the best materials and fabrics available. It fits perfectly on most body types. Bikini one-pieces do not get better than this bathsuit for women.

Trinity of Nylon, Spandex and Lycra

This one-piece bathing suit is designed to deliver a stunning feel when you’re out on the beach. The body hugging design, beautiful sheen and magnificent shape will give you that elite look all around the water. Look fab and fresh has never been easier!

Easy-to-Remove Inserts

This one of the best bathing suits for women because of many reasons. Among the most important in that list are easy inserts. These are easy to remove and this means you can get in and out of your bathing suit quicker than ever. Now that’s a great asset for your beach day blast!

Multiple Sizes for Everyone!

This bathsuit for women comes in multiple sizes. So, whatever fits your body the best, you can buy it with the same design and look gorgeous every time. Each size carries the same quality design, look and feel and will give you the perfect beach attire for many summers to come! 

Comfortable Retailing Price

This one-piece swimsuit for women retails at a competitive price which means you get premium quality material for a very good price. No longer will you have to burn a hole in your daily finances to look your best self on the beach!

Product Features:


*Removable inserts

 Reference:  Fits smaller than usual. Take one size up. Model is wearing size S

Black one piece swimsuit
black swimsuit