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Bikini Empire is the ideal brand to start your little girl's adventure into the best luxury bikinis. This page contains the very best of this brand and some top exclusive luxury designer swimwear you would not find anywhere else!

Summer beach fun is every kid’s right and to look right is the best way to enjoy it the most. The best of Bikini Empire beach kids swimwear line is available for purchase here. You and your little girl need not go anywhere else! Just pick the ones that you could like to wear for your summer sun time from our catalogue.  

The Bikini Era catalogue is one of the most expansive in the entire online luxury designer swimwear market. We have all the hottest selling models for girls of all ages. This includes the wildly popular bikini set with bandeau top from this brand and all the most delightful print options. 

This is why we are one of the most popular online retail stations for top-quality luxury bikinis in 2021. Do keep regular with us to avail special discounts and offers on our leading brands to make your summer beach outings even more enjoyable!

What’s the Latest in Bikini Empire Swimwear?

BikiniEmpire is the first choice for countless luxury designer swimwear lovers to buy the most popular luxury bikinis. We carry the most well-known brands, designs, fabrics, and pretty much every type of bikini out there. These are the highest-selling luxury swimwear we have right now:


  • Retro Bikinis

Vintage retro swimsuits are not just for adults. Your little girl can be looking her loveliest in a throwback bikini as well. They are beautiful and exactly the right kind to help her develop the confidence to wear any kind of bikini she wants! This is one of the best bikini categories to start your girl’s beach adventures with!


  • Hawaii Bikinis

Hawaii Bikinis for girls is a dream and they really do set them apart They have a certain exotic quality that stands out from all others. If your daughter would like to have the most unique bikini on the beach, this category fits them perfectly!

  • Miami Bikinis

Miami bikinis bring the best of everything in them. The most popular brands in this category are highly innovative and come up with new things every season. If your little girl has never worn a Miami bikini, 2021 might be the best one to start with!


  • Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau Bikinis are ideal for the most confident girls and carrying it on a beach day will give your girl immense confidence. They are also great fun for scuba or reef diving sessions you may want to take with your little girl. If your girl is ready for a new way to go beach adventuring, a cute bandeau bikini is a great option! 


  • Why Choose BikiniEmpire?

BikiniEmpire has the best luxury designer swimwear you have ever seen. We are renowned for our massive bikini collection and we keep adding new brands and units all the time. From classic designs to the very latest innovations in the bikini category – there is something for everyone’s dream beachwear here! Get started on shopping for your summer days on the sand with BikiniEmpire right now!